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Sometimes you know exactly what you want to watch; the latest season of Game of Thrones, The Crown or Mad Men. Simply tell us what you want to watch and we will show you where your choices are available.

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You know the type of TV shows you like whether it's Drama, Crime or Documentaries, let us help you to find the TV you want to watch.

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It used to be simple, 5 channels and maybe a TV subscription with your broadband package. Now we have a wealth of entertainment from streaming providers too. If you are confused about how to watch Netflix or what on earth Chromecast is, SwitchTV can help.


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Why use SwitchTV?

At SwitchTV we are passionate about great entertainment, but people are busy and the TV market is complicated and fragmented. Let us make choosing your next TV package simple. We may even be able to save you some money!

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SwitchTV tool for choosing TV package

Commonly asked questions:

At SwitchTV we aim to find the best deal for the TV you want to watch - so we search all the major TV and broadband providers such as Sky and BT, as well as the streaming companies such as Netflix and Amazon Prime Video.

As new streaming providers like Disney+ are launched, we will add their content to our database as soon as we can. We aim for a whole market comparison so that you don't have to do the searching yourself.

Here is the full list of the companies whose content and broadband deals are currently in our database.

  • Sky
  • BT
  • Now TV
  • Virgin
  • Netflix
  • Amazon Prime Video
  • Britbox
  • BBC
  • ITV
  • Channel 4
  • Talk Talk
  • Plusnet

At SwitchTV our mission is to find the best TV deal for the TV you want to watch. To do this we create and manage a huge database of TV programmes and which channels and packages they are available on, which powers our tool.

Whilst everyone at SwitchTV loves helping people and we are all passionate about all things TV, we cannot survive on love and passion alone. To maintain our the impartial TV comparison tool, SwitchTV are paid commissions and advertising by the TV providers. This payment in no way increases the price of the packages advertised or affects SwitchTV's impartiality.

You will also see sponsored listings on the site. These deals are selected with the TV provider and are paid for positions. SwitchTV will make it clear which of the deals are selected by the tool and which are sponsored listings.

At SwitchTV our mission is to find you the best deal on the TV you want to watch, but we found that this is tricky because programmes are spread amongst numerous providers.

So we've spent hours created a huge database containing TV programmes and deals from across TV and Broadband providers as well as streaming companies. Then our clever development people turned all this data into a searchable tool.

Whether you know exactly what TV programme you want to watch, or you want a TV package best for a certain genre our tool can find the best deal for you. The SwitchTV tool cuts out hours of searching and frustration and delivers the best deal in seconds. What's more we will e-mail you your deal so that you can order your ideal package at a time to suit you!

Our database is growing daily, so if you see a programme which we haven't yet got or you have any other feedback please get in touch and let us know We would love to hear from you!

At SwitchTV our mission is to find you the best deal for the TV you want to watch. To help us to narrow down which deals are available to you we need your postcode information. Some providers are not available in certain areas so we would hate to dangle a deal in front of you that you could not get!

Your postcode will also allow us to show you the "up to average" broadband speeds which are available to you which could be a factor in your decision.

We will not pass on your data to any other companies but it does allow us to provide you with the best possible results from your search.

At SwitchTV our mission is to find the best deal for the TV you want to watch, sometimes this may mean that we recommend switching your broadband provider, as the TV deal requires broadband from the same company.

Switching broadband provider has never been easier, in most cases you don't even have to tell your current provider you are leaving! As long as you are out of contract, you are free to sign up with a new provider.

Apart from switching to or away from Virgin, all providers use the same network provided by Openreach. A few days before the switch your new provider will send you a new router (sometimes called a hub) to replace your existing one. On the day of the switch at the time given by your new provider simply plug in your new router. You should have no loss of service.

Switching really isn't a big deal - but it could mean you get the best deal!