About us

SwitchTV began life as a chance conversation over lunch in the early half of 2019.  Founders Caroline and Alex both worked in the telecoms industry and could see how the fragmentation of the TV market was disrupting TV and Broadband package sales.  On the one hand the customer had never had so much choice but on the other it was confusing and often expensive.

Trying to find the right package combination entailed hours of research looking at numerous sites to figure out which combinations would work at the right price.  At worst people were loaded up with costly subscriptions for fear of missing out on the latest hot TV pick.  At best people were taking a bundled deal but spending hours flicking through hundreds of channels trying to find something to watch.

That lunch turned into numerous meetings and calls.  Post it notes and whiteboards were used to pull together what we thought people needed to navigate this complex decision.  Some of our best creative sessions followed attending inspiring conferences and Gin tasting experiences.  It has taken time and a lot of head scratching.

We are very proud of what we have built but we are constantly working on improvements.  We welcome any feedback you have as we continue to improve this site and our tool.

We also love talking about TV, so if there is any TV programmes you think we should be shouting about please let us know.