BAFTA Television Award Nominations 2020

The BAFTA’s are going to be an award ceremony with a difference this year, held online behind closed doors. Meanwhile the BAFTA Nominations are the perfect prompt of TV which you may possibly have missed but is still available to watch.

In this guide we will look at the shows which have been most nominated and where you can watch them.

Chernobyl attracts the most BAFTA nominations

Chernobyl tops the nominations with a whopping 14 nominations; one of the most nominated mini series in the ceremony’s history. 

Jared Harris, nominated for Leading Actor plays as Valery Legasov the expert called in to help in the wake of the disaster. Stellan Skarsgard, nominated for supporting actor plays Boris Shcherbina, vice-chairman of the Council of Ministers in the Soviet government.

What is Chernobyl about?

Chernobyl is a compelling drama about the nuclear disaster in April 1986 and the subsequent clean up.  It tells the story of how the Soviet Union dealt with the the disaster including trying to downplay it to the rest of the world.  It also tells the stories of those living and working around the plant and the effect the disaster had on their lives. 

Where can I watch Chernobyl?

Chernobyl was produced by HBO and Sky and is currently available on Sky.  Interested in watching Chernobyl.  Check out our package finder for the latest deals. 

Sky content can be accessed through many different deals. can help you to find the best deal for the tv you want to watch.

Watch Chernobyl now on Sky

Fleabag – Sian Clifford and Phoebe Waller-Bridge nominated in the same category!

Things could have been tense if there was an after party at this year’s awards with Sian and Phoebe nominated for Best Female Performance in a comedy programme.   Fleabag is nominated for 4 other awards including Best scripted comedy programme and must see moment.

What is Fleabag about?

Fleabag is written and stars Phoebe Waller Bridge (as Fleabag).  Struggling with life in London following a tragedy, Fleabag uses wit and sarcasm as a weapon against any offers of help.  Talking directly to you the viewer, narrating her own life its well deserving of its numerous nominations.

Where can I watch Fleabag?

There are two seasons of Fleabag to watch and both are available on BBC iplayer.  Season 1 is available Amazon Prime Video.

Fleabag Series 1 &2 now on BBC iplayer

The Crown – Best Drama Series Nomination

The Crown has attracted an impressive 7 nominations in this years BAFTAs including Best supporting actor for Josh O’Connor’s incredible performance as Prince Charles.  Helena Bonham Carter is nominated as Best Supporting Actress as Princess Margaret.

What is The Crown About?

Now on its third series The Crown follows the life of the royal family centring on Queen Elizabeth played in series three by Olivia Coleman.  The acting performances are stand out and it captures the pull between duty and family.

Where can I watch The Crown?

All three series of The Crown are on Netflix.  You can subscribe to Netflix directly or it is also bundled into some TV and Broadband Packages.  To find the best deal for you check out our package finder.

The Crown Seasons 1 – 3 available on Netflix

Good luck to all the nominees at this years BAFTAs.

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