How easy is BT TV to use? Our video guide is here!

Committing to a lengthy contract for your family’s entertainment can be a daunting prospect. In this video Alex will look at how easy BT TV is to use. He covers how the TV guide looks. Also covered is how BT have integrated streaming providers such as Netflix, Amazon Prime Video and Britbox.

An impressive feature of the BT TV Box is how easy it is to search for a programme. When searching it will show where its found across all the channels including the streaming providers. No more going through every streaming provider to find that show you started watching!

You can set reminders and record easily from the electronic programme guide. Alex also takes a look at the hardware itself.

How easy is BT TV to use?

What’s available on BT TV?

A recent refresh of BT TV means that there is a lot more flexibility. Customers can add NowTV packs which contain all the sky channels.

This means that customers can now enjoy award winning shows and Sky Originals on Sky Atlantic, Sky One and Sky Witness plus over 300 box sets on demand.

Sports fans are not left out as all 11 Sky Sports channels are available including the Premier League and Formula One. Plus all 4 BT Sport channels with exclusive Premier League matches. Every match of the UEFA Champions League and Europa League can also be found on BT Sport.

Watch all Sky Cinema channels with over 1000 movies and 40 new ones added every month!

How does the flexibility work?

With so much available this sounds expensive. But the beauty of BT TV is that even though you’re in a 24 month contract, you can change your package every month. So you can switch on Sky Cinema through a Now TV pass one month and stop it the following month.

Which Freeview channels are available on BT TV?

The package also includes freeview channels so if you decide to freeze all bolt-ons there is still lots to watch

Just some of the Freeview Channels available on BT TV

There is so much to watch but you may also want to pause, rewind and record your favourite TV programmes. With the award winning BT box you can record up to 300 hours of live TV.

That’s all for now folks. Let us know what you think of your TV provider user experience. We would love to hear from you.