DEALS! All the Premier League for less than £1.60 per day!

BT TV in particular has some great deals on Sport this month

Which providers have the games?

There are 92 games left to be played, of which Sky have 64, BT Sport 20, Amazon Prime 4 and the BBC have 4 too.

How many games are free to air?

Both the BBC and Amazon games will be free to air, which is great. Sky have also said they’ll show 25 of their games free – though other than the Merseyside derby, we don’t expect them to show many other top matches. They may also not make them free to all, just free to those who have Sky (but not Sky Sports).

So how do I watch the rest?

You’ll need a subscription to receive both Sky Sports and BT Sport. At the moment this is only available either from Sky, BT or Virgin Media. Luckily enough, is here to help you find the best deals available.

As you’d expect, Sky have most of the live games, but the best deal isn’t available from them…

What are the best deals then?

Glad you asked! At, we have a unique programme and channel database which we use to find the best package for you, using the latest prices from all the major providers.

Our team has been looking at the results, and they’re pretty tasty at the moment.

1. BT TV are offering HALF PRICE Sport at just £20 per month for 3 months, on their Big Sport with Superfast broadband bundle, at just £47.99 per month. That means you get all of the BT Sport and Sky Sports channels for less than £1.60 per month. You’ll need to pay extra for HD, but it’s an amazing deal – it even includes superfast fibre broadband too!

2. With Sky TV, you can also get Sky Sports and BT Sport all together in one package for £61 per month. Their TV bundle, with Sky Sports and BT Sport add-ons, will give you all the action in HD, plus over 100 channels not on Freeview and access to Sky box sets too.

3. Finally if you’re in a Virgin Media area, you can get the Bigger Bundle + Sports for £65 per month, both BT Sport and Sky Sports channels are included in HD, and it has Virgin’s ultrafast (108mb) broadband included too.

Where can I find a deal tailored for me?

You can use our programme & channel chooser to find the right package for you. It’s completely free – just enter ‘premier league’ and any other programmes or channels you need into our tool and we’ll find the best deal available in your area. Try it out here