TV Licence – What is it and do you need to get one?

The TV Licence has been in the news recently due to recent changes in who has to pay the fee.  In this guide we will look at who needs a TV Licence? How much it is?  How you can pay and what to do if you are moving home.

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What is the TV Licence?

The TV Licence allows you to lawfully watch TV as it is broadcast.  Households need to pay to ensure they are not prosecuted and fined for watching TV without a licence.

Do I need a TV Licence?

 A TV Licence is required by law if you are watching or recording TV programmes as they are being shown on TV on any channel.  It also applies if you are watching or streaming programmes live on an online TV service such as Now TV, Sky Go or Amazon Prime Video.  Equally if you enjoy watching programmes via BBC iPlayer you will also need a licence.   

To make this clear, if you are watching any programme as it is broadcast, regardless of the channel, or you watch BBC iPlayer you will need a licence. 

Whether you are watching on a TV, your mobile or tablet you will still need a licence.

However, there are some exemptions/concessions;

How much is a TV Licence and how can I pay?

The licence costs £157.50 for a colour and £53 for black and white TV per year.  You can pay this all in one go or you can spread the cost.  There are many ways to pay:

Moving home?  How to change your address on your TV Licence

When you move home you will need to update your address

You can specify the date of your move and your new address up to 3 months before your move.  You will need your TV licence number to do this. The number can be found;

If you still cannot find it then click here for help in finding it.

What happens if I don’t pay?

If you do not pay you could be prosecuted and fined up to £1000.  Agents are used to catch evaders.  They carry out checks using both a database of licence fee payers plus hand held detectors to detect if someone is watching TV without a licence.

The agents are not allowed inside your home without permission but they can get a search warrant to get access.

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